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How To Get Cheap Private Flights

Gone are the days when renting an airplane costed an arm and a leg. Nowadays, it’s much easier and cost effective to charter a plane, if you need to fly privately on short notice. With an abundance of private flight options, and large number of airports spread around the world, you can find cheap private flights to travel almost anywhere without spending a fortune.

Flying Club Membership

A common way to get cheap private flights is by becoming a member of one of the flying clubs. You pay a subscription fee that allows you to access the fleet and simply hop-on the flight you wish to board. The important thing to note before becoming a member is whether the flights cover the airports you wish to travel most. Another important factor your frequency of travel. If you are traveling only once or twice a month, then it may not be worth your time to spend heavily on such a membership.

Fractional Ownership

Another less common but a practical way to reduce private travel costs is through fractional ownership of an aircraft. You own a share in the aircraft that can be a third, a fourth, or another fraction. Costs may vary depending on the kind of aircraft, and your allocated monthly travel time depends on your share in the aircraft. Conventional charter flights are usually cheaper if you are flying to well connected destinations. However, if you are flying frequently to remote destinations with low connectivity, then fractional ownership is better, as you only pay for the time you are in the air.

Empty Leg Flights

Typically, whenever a conventional charter flight is operated, the traveller has to pay for the return trip too whether or not they fly back. In such cases, the flight may be returning empty , hence classified as empty leg or ferry flight. Empty Leg flights are a terrific way to find a cheap private flight, but you have to be flexible with dates to take advantage of such availability. Empty leg flights can cost as low as 75% of the original private charter rate. However, if the original flight booking gets cancelled, you may have to reschedule or lose your empty leg booking. So, it is important to have at least one leg confirmed.

Since the pandemic, the demand for both domestic and international charter flight bookings has increased, and many travellers are often searching for cheap one way charter flights to reduce their travel costs. At Excel Aviation, we have 6-10 one way charter flights available every day from different airports in India.

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Flying In Private Jets – Post Pandemic

The pandemic has forced us to change our lifestyle in many ways. If anything, it surely did change our travel preferences. A congested flight of passengers can pose serious risks to our health and well-being as we may be exposed to the spread. In this crisis, flying in private jets can be advantageous as it offers you much needed safety and comfort during your journey.

Traveling in a private jet with expansive interiors, cabin equipped with modern facilities, and world-class passenger hospitality allows you to feel relaxed. With the ability to access diverse areas, private jets can fit in your expectations of an exclusive travel.

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Flying In Private Jets Amidst Pandemic

Flying in Private Jets would be a better decision during and post-pandemic. Why?

Until 2020, it was at least acceptable to put up with these inconveniences for the sake of traveling economically. But then the pandemic brought a massive change in the lives of people around the world. During the pandemic, various guidelines and restrictions were imposed by the governing bodies. These included the mandatory wearing of masks for all, use of PPE kit while dealing with patients, restricted social gathering, shutting down public places, and sealing the national and international borders. This made traveling extremely difficult for people. 

Consequently, by taking into consideration the health risks, the world is now opting to fly in private jets. While safety is a primary concern for most passengers, there are many other benefits of traveling exclusively on a plane. We have compiled some of the key benefits of flying in private jets.


Focusing On The Health Safety

Traveling privately means that you are isolated from the health conditions of crowds around airport terminals and unknown passengers in your flight. Private jets are also perfectly sanitised and deeply cleansed before and after your flight.


Short-Notice Booking Are Available In Private Jets

You can avail of short-notice bookings for private jets that can be difficult with commercial flights open to the public. With flexible schedules, you can select your own departure dates and times. Empty Leg Flights are also an option as private jets are at times flying back empty. 


Reach Remote Areas With Air Taxi Services

Air taxi charters are ideal if you need to fly short distances to airports with limited flight connectivity. You can book small aircrafts for same day return flights. We offer air taxi services all over India and internationally as well. If you need to reach remote areas that commercial airlines don’t cover, we can assist you.

Skip Check-in, Security, And Immigration Queues

Private Jets would be available at the private terminals. You do not have to make use of common terminals, so you simply skip the queues with express check-in. You get a priority security check, and immigration clearance if you are crossing national borders on an international charter flight. Priority boarding and deboarding will get you in and out of the aircraft quickly.


Convenient Baggage Handling

If you’re flying by private jet, the baggage handling procedure is done exclusively for you, eliminating any chance of losing or damaging your belongings. Everything would be placed directly in your aircraft. 

Whether you need to travel exclusively for work or for personal reasons, our private aviation company can manage your travel itinerary. Feel free to talk to us if you need any assistance. Our team ensures that everything is well organised for you to travel safely anytime, anywhere.