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Excel Aviation Services offers private jet on charter, rent and lease. Private jets are ideal for individuals, celebrities, and smaller families and most often used for faster traveling and reaching to far away terrains.

We offered our bespoke private jet charter services to world’s most popular celebrities (including Shahrukh Khan), sportsmen (Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni), and business tycoons (Bill Gates and Melinda Gates).

Our world class private jet services are designed to cater to the specialized needs of all our top-class clients. Our special care to privacy and security ensures that our clients get unperturbed departure and arrival. Moreover, our professional fleet management services are exponentially meticulous that enable us to escort safely our clients to departure, get through checking, board on-flight and then after arrival, de-board safely and escorted out safely.

We have worked with India’s top PR agencies, individuals, and personal assistants to clients. We are open to new partnerships, collaborations and connections for long-term business relationship. Our extensive corporate and industry experience enable us to maintain professional and reliable relationship with all our partners.

We encourage you just approach us once, with our dealings, modus operandi, budget and support staff, we will make it easier, comfortable, effective and efficient for you to charter private jets in India and abroad anytime.

Our availability and dedicated support staff to each client enable us to achieve maximum success with each flight. We assure you that will meet all your requirements in time and budget, whether you want enhanced privacy and security, specialized medicinal service on-board, special cuisine and beverage request, and/or occasional surprise on flight.

We will deliver on every point, anytime.

Our private jets are available in all shapes and sizes, from narrow to wide, from 2 seaters to 100 seaters and more, and high-speed to medium speed jets in India or anywhere in the world.


  • Swift escorting for departures and arrivals
  • Enhanced security and privacy
  • Special treatment, and special on-request services
  • Bespoke private jet on-board and off-board services
  • No flight delays, no hassles, no stoppages
  • Smooth check-ins and check-outs
  • Instant arrangements for luxury services