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Excel Aviation Services deals in large passenger airliners that is ideal for group charter and corporate charter.

Excel Aviation is the major player  in large airliner charter deals in India , leasing and renting services in India. We have enabled more than 50 clients to avail our specialized airliner charter services for mid-sized to large, 5 seater executive jet to 200 seater jets.

Our dedicated staff for airliner chartering is always available at your services, to help you choose through range of offerings right according to your requirements and lifestyle. Also, our team will help you choose the best timings for departure and arrivals to ensure your successful and on-time journey.

If you are a PR agency or personal assistant, we will help you throughout the decision making process, and help you get the best deal within your time constraints and budget. You will not have to worry about anything; we will ensure airliner for charter is available at an instant.

We have long-term white label partnership/associations/collaborations with many PR agencies, companies, corporate and others, where we are helping throughout the year to flight arrangements and fleet management across India.

Our large network within airliner business is extensive across all major, tier I and tier II cities in India. We have an unmatched capacity to help you land anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. Moreover, our private airliner flight arrangement across globe covers major continents, countries and cities in the world.

Whether, you are planning for holidays in Monaco, shopping in Paris, meeting in London, conference in New York, and return to home in Mumbai, we will ensure seamless connectivity without any hassle to go through huge paper works and permissions on any airport possible.

Excel Aviation offers all types of airliners in India for both group and cargo chartering, moreover, you can choose from set of airliners if you wish. Just contact us once, we assure you that you will never have to go anywhere else after that for private airliner charter in India and around the world.


  1. Complete set of airliner service – from escorting to airliner, luggage handling, bypassing all permits and checking to boarding, on-flight specialized services, special on-board requests, special cuisine request, and de-boarding and again escorting after arrival.
  2. 100% hassle free airliner charter services
  3. Zero tolerance to delays, and inefficiencies
  4. Fast response time, and immediate handling of change of plans
  5. Insurmountable security, and complete privacy
  6. Assured comfort, and faster medicinal help
  7. Dedicated executive staff for personalized services