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Excel Aviation helicopter charter and/or lease services are available in India and worldwide. Ideally, helicopters are used for short distance traveling, reaching to highly difficult terrains (such as mountains, buildings, villages), for leisure purposes, for emergency air ambulance services, entertainment purposes, for marriage, and often used by scientific communities.

Our helicopter charter services are available for all types of use, for private, personal to public and corporate use. Moreover, we offer range of helicopters from short distance to long-range helicopters, small, mid-sized to large sized helicopters, two seats to eight seats helicopters.

Our helicopters are also available for use on events such as marriage, sports event, and entertainment event. We have offered our helicopter charter services to major PR companies, marketing companies, corporate India, India’s richest and high net worth individuals, businesspersons and individuals.

If you are hiring our helicopter services then rest assured, you will not have to get into long list of permissions, and hectic approvals, we will get it for you in time. Moreover, our bespoke helicopter services are available to help you choose the best deal in your budget and lifestyle.

Moreover, if you require instant helicopter services for medical emergencies or something urgent, then we will make sure that you get helicopter access in time without struggling with authorities for approvals.

Our dedicate helicopter chartering support staff is always available, and work in tandem with you or your team to ensure smoother journey with uncompromised services and offerings.

Excel Aviation Services is committed to help you get helicopter on charter in time, for any kind of use in any city or remote corner in India. We will connect you with anywhere and anytime through helicopter.


  • Turnkey helicopter on charter in India
  • Helicopter chartering for all kinds of usage from private, personal to professional and public
  • Special helicopter emergency services available 24×7
  • Personalized approach with dedicated support staff
  • Bespoke services available in your budget and time
  • All types of helicopters available for use!