Excel Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading jet charter management company offering jets, airliners and helicopters on charter, lease, rent and/or sale. Excel Aviation is a pioneer in aviation industry providing excellent experience and quality to clients with a challenge to delight each time.

In 2001, Excel Aviation started its journey to excellence, and today we are one of the major jet sales and private air chartering company in India. It has been continuously proving its excellence as a jet charter management company.

Excel Aviation boasts of one of the largest private air fleet access – 150 jets and helicopters in India, and more than 1,000 across the globe. We have build our reputation over the years by tirelessly working to deliver world-class chartering experience to our clients 24×7 and 365 days, at anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

Our professional approach with dedication to deliver 100% accurate and on-time delivery has allowed us to build an enviable reputation in our industry. With our perseverance and consistency, we have been able to retain more than 89% of our clients. In addition, we ensure from the first point of meeting that we will not disappoint at any level, and you will choose us.

Excel Aviation has served top celebrities, sportsmen, business tycoons, world’s and India’s richest, ultra high net worth individuals, non-resident Indians, corporate, companies, agencies, event management firms, and many others. Moreover, we have covered major continents in the world with our private air fleets from Middle East, Asia/Pacific, Europe, and North America to South America.

Our fleet management team goes extra mile in delivering delightful and unmatched private air charter experience to all our clients. Our attention to details, and meticulous monitoring of all arrangements, and ensuring full security from start to entry point to boarding to de-boarding, is seamless and thorough.

Moreover, our time management capabilities, and zero-tolerance to delay and inefficiency enable us to keep our clients always on time, safe, secure, delighted and happy.

We ensure that ‘YOU’ get the best hassle-free service, ‘YOU’ get the best deal, ‘YOU’ get the best on-flight experience.

Excel Aviation Services is always available for you, and you can contact us anytime from anywhere. We assure you that we will arrange everything for you in time, without having to struggle with bundle of permissions, delay, and time wastage.